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Simulateur Trap et Chasse en version Euro DTL


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  1. Hello.
    I’m interested in buying a laser simulator, laser and camera. I think the video projector if not a special one, can use mine.
    I am interested in the price for the purchase and if it is delivered in romania.
    Thank you

    • Hi Radu,

      Thanks for your interest and taking the time to write us from YouTube.

      The video projector is not a big deal, as long as yours can provide 800×600 screen size, the camera and the laser are most important part in the simulator project, so you will need:
      – infrared laser 50mw and above
      – Modified USB camera with visible light cut and no IRCUT filter
      – battery supply, wires and trigger
      All the material listed above can be found in ebay, there is some links:
      USB Camera :

      To use our simulator with laser you will need a licence, we have two types of licences : trap and hunting, both are lifetime.

      • ok.
        My hope was to find the complete equipment and order it to you, not to build it, as I think I will not succeed.
        The license interests me both for trap and hunting.
        do you have any hunting video?
        how much does the license cost? can you help me with the laser, the trigger and the camera?

        • Hi,

          The hunting game is the same system for the mobile game : Realistic Shooting, but with many imporvements.
          This is a video example:

          The trap licence is 20€, the hunting licence is 30€, the laser and cam and all what you need to run your simulator is : 60€ (not including delivery cost).

          I will help you mount your simulator step by step, as I did with many other people.

          No problems.

          Have you tried my game (Realistic Shooting) on Play and Apple Store? it’s a real game simulator too.

          • Unfortunately, I have not found Realistic Shooting in apple store.
            I’m interested in both the trap and hunting licenses, and the laser as in the above video with the trigger and usb camera. how can we proceed to send me this in romania?

          • hello, how are you? i’m intrested to buy the license and camera,laser and other stuff for simulator. i pay with paypal and i hope you help me to set up the sim.
            Waiting for answer.

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